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About Us

The brand PURTE1 was officially born in 2005 in Capriano, in the Brianza heart. The passion for the motorbike world was the primary reason of its foundation. The first aim of the company is to produce and keep the Made in Italy in a world full of foreign production. The company was set up with passion and such tenacity , which characterizes our real Made in Italy.

It is not so old but the Company has a consolidated experience in this business for decades. PURTE1 started the production of windshields, brake disks and brackets with no fear against the global problems of the current period. All products are 100% Made in Italy. The only imported item is from Great Britain, from the company GB Racing.

All our products have been tested with super results.

In 2005 we started the sales of disks and brackets through ebay, excellent trading platform to be known. Nicola has been able to satisfy the market demands and never disappoints his clients. During these years a varied sales network has been created, made by specialized users such as mechanicals, home riders and private users , who appreciate our products. They have been speaking about us with good words, concerning the quality, the possibility of customization and the speed and seriousness of the deliveries.

On these basis, PURTE1 would like to proceed and intensify more and more his business and passion for this world.